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Innovative Alloy Services

Innovative Alloy Services LLC (formerly the Weldserv Company) has provided cost savings to steel plants, foundries, and other industrial plants for over 30 years. Initially providing true-welding engineering services and quality welding alloys for maintenance applications, we evolved into a company that rebuilds and repairs industrial shaker screens for a variety of industries. Because of our metallurgical background, IAS was able to find the weaknesses of shaker screen production and now provides upgraded quality and improved lifespans. We work to improve, not just fix worn equipment.

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Your shaker screen totally rebuilt or partially rebuilt to your requirements.

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Better than O.E.M. at less cost

Innovative Alloy Services began providing industrial shaker screen repair and rebuilds because of the need to improve products by giving them a longer life span and preventing inconsistencies of quality. By listening to our customer's needs, we are constantly improving our applications and techniques. We also provide full machine shop services on-site by our craft machinists. Our continued success relies on providing better quality while at the same time reducing ongoing costs for our customers. Every year there's a demand to improve while doing more with less. We understand that and have your back. Try us for the cost-savings. Stay with us for the quality.

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