Industrial Shaker Screen Repair

Innovative Alloy Services LLC provides blast furnaces with long-lasting durable shaker screens. You as a customer can purchase a new or rebuilt shaker screen made to OEM specifications. IAS goes beyond OEM specs - You want better than OEM specs - Your operation needs more productivity and longer service than OEM.

Our rebuilt machines are used 24/7 for months at a time. Many times overloaded with product. We strive to provide you with dependable, durable, long-lasting shaker screens.


We provide some enhanced features:

  • The use of 316L stainless steel to reduce corrosion if required (within mill capacity of stainless steel).
  • Spray urethane coating overall working exposed surfaces. Spraying of tubing and structure beneath the deck/decks reduces rusting and wear.
  • Our ability to rubber coat exposed surfaces where needed.
  • Improve structural components that normally fail too quickly.
  • Balancing shaker screen to provide long smooth operation.
  • Producing our own 4340 steel shafts to improve shaker screen durability.
  • Producing many components inside to reduce our costs and yours.
  • We can provide you improved components to assist your maintenance team.

Our goal is to provide you with the best industrial shaker screen rebuild as possible. Innovative Alloy Services is the shop that takes your concerns into consideration, a place where you can have input on what needs improvement not just what needs to be fixed. You know your needs better than anyone. We're here to help you meet your requirements. IAS has limited slots for shaker screen rebuilds so contact us today for your shaker screen rebuilds. Don’t settle for standard specifications, improve your industrial shaker screens and save money in the process.

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